Signaling Tutorial


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There was an older signal tutorial that was quite good. I apparently lost my copy. I do not remember the name. Anybody know of a link??

These parts are good:

Part 4 - An Introduction to Signaling

  • Signal aspects
  • Basic signals
  • The ‘02’ signals
  • The ‘02’ caveat
  • The ‘01’ and the ‘03’ signals
  • Installing and testing signals
  • Signaling with diverging routes

Part 5 - Working with signals

  • Cornfield Meets
  • Dealing with AI issues
  • Working with signal blocks

Here's some other links I have bookmarked:

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Keep in mind, while I'm not knocking the hard work that was done for the 0catch site, it is at this time very much out of date.

There is also a tutorial that I've started on the forum here. I do intend on finishing it, but I've been working IRL nearly nonstop since late April. I'll get back and finish it when things slow down, I expect sometime later this month.