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rendering of an amtrak P42 in LDD

Just bought myself a Bachmann Spectrum DDA40X for just £39 ($48 and 28 cents). Loads of other US diesels too for under 30USD, including Alco PA's, a BL2, U-Boats, a lovely Rio Grande GP30 and SD20s and SD40s all over the shop. A good few steamers as well fairly cheap (around £60-70), as well as a lot of freight cars. Mostly UP and other west coast roads. If you want cheap American model railroad supplies, come to Hull!
Hey nathanmallard:
Honest question, does it feel weird in any kind of way to have model railroad stuff not from UK? Just wondering, as I find it interesting you went all in for that big diesel. :)
Well originally I was gonna get a nice BL2 but the gears had split on it, so I went for the DD40AX. It doesn't feel that wierd- there are a least two model shops in the UK that exclusively stick US stuff and there is always at least one North American layout at the local model railway show. It does look wierd though next to my British stuff. I have a bit of a shortage of compatible US rolling stock unfortunately :hehe:
I very nearly did but as I said, the gears were broken and it was withdrawn from sale when it was tested. There was a second hand Hornby Princess Coronation too which would have fitted in more with my layout but I kind of fell in love with the DD40X.
Took my Hornby Dublo 4MT to the model train club today and took some pictures, here's one. :D

It's not a Wrenn release but it has been fitted with tension-lock couplings so that it can directly couple to all my British-outline rolling stock. :D


Haven't played Trainz since 2013... but I've been pretty active with model railroading for the past 4 years:

Custom painted Accurail 50' plug door boxcar:

Weathered Accurail 2 bay hopper:

Custom painted/lettered/weathered grain elevator kit from Walthers: