Should I be worried about these content manager issues?


Long Live the Dash 8
I've been noticing a couple quirks/errors/warnings with content manager and DBR's.
One is when doing a database repair, I get many errors in the process window, that all say "failed to download precached data for package 'scXXX' at version [either 12345 or 104441] for platform 'standard-3'"

the other is while submitting a particular loco asset (possibly could happen with others, I actually deleted it and remade it once) I get the error
TADMoveToTrash> failed to move or delete: C:/Users/**user**/AppData/..etc, trying to delete the asset's folder in the editing folder of the trainz database. It successfully submits the asset, but leaves behind its folder in Editing, and it's empty except for the subfolder I exported a texture to before submitting, and that's empty too. I can't delete it - Windows message "can't delete because folder is in use in another program" - including while trainz is closed, but after a computer restart database repair, and nothing open I was able to delete it but the error and left-behind folder occured again later in Trainz.

There are probably others I don't recall right now but these are the main ones I'm experiencing - should I be worried / is there anything I can do?

Thanks for any help or peace of mind.
hi Neil
if you did editing in your Local/editing directory,
make sure you close the programs you used to edit, before submitting your edits
and move your focus out of any of the dirs or subdirs
hope this helps
greetings GM
I've made the same mistake myself. My heart really sunk too when I saw all the errors before I realized I had open on some folders oops!

Regarding the precache error messages. You can ignore those. This relates to the difference between what's up on the DLC servers vs. what you have installed.