Is there any way to find sessions designed for a particular route?

I downloaded what I thought was a session but it wasn't. When I open the route there are no sessions.

I'm guessing there must be sessions available for it but from what I believe by experimenting with content manager I would need to know the name of it - which obviously I don't!

Is there any logical way to find sessions for particular routes?
Unfortunately, the naming systems are the responsibility of the author - this means that there's no foolproof way to find sessions for a given route.
The best I can offer is to customise the content manager filters...

Filters in order:-
Location - DLS
category - route
category - session

then sort the results by author
Often an author will have created a session (or two) for the route.
Yes. That`s how Content Manager knows that the Session is a dependent of the Route. Asking for List Dependents is asking "Who depends on this?".
in trainz12 it was easy to find them as it had a way to do it, why cant they have that still active in newer versions, cant seam to get any of the above to show sessions in trainz19 other than showing installed ones.