Session doesn't run in multiplayer


I downloaded a route by Trainzgame ( russian) that runs fine. Then I got a session for it, that has 23 unknown assets and because of that, when I try to run it I have the message: "The selected session cannot currently be used as multiplayer..." and fallows the reason - assets are not built in and are not available in DLS.
Good, so the question is: Can it be runned without multiplayer (that I don't use anyway)?
BTW, Can I deactivate multiplayer whastoever from my game so I can use these sessions? Some routes only have multiplayer sessions so I cant have a session for them.

Thanks in advance

My first thought is: You have not patched your game to the latest build.
Check your build. It is a 5-digit number in the bottom-right of your start-up window.

Sure you "play" the multiplayer not in multiplayer. What you do is edit the session and remove the multiplayer rule. Easy as that.

But since the Russians usually know pretty well what they are doing and you are missing so many dependencies, I would go and check if you can and need to patch first.
Thanks it oknotsen, fast and easy. Removed the multiplayer rule and sessions are free.
Patches. I'm patched (as far as I can see) with 61388. Problem is that I've searched unknown stuff in google so far to no avail. Such as Kilamzion Polish routes with dozens or hundreds of unknown assets. But I absolutely love eastern trains, so I,m supposed to work a little. That's my fate since MTS, for I'm in this hobby already for 14 years.

One more question. How can I remove the switches red/green arrows in driver mode, since I don't use them at all (I always use the map or commands to dispatch)?

Best regards
Problem is that I've searched unknown stuff in google
2 things:
Stuff in a multiplayer session should be either built-in or on the DLS. It can not contain 3rd party material or locally modified material.
For future searches, use this website (and be sure to bookmark it):

Hiding those arrows is called "hide junction overlay". There is a short-cut for it (I think H), but you can also go to one of the menu's in a session in the top-right corner. It is halfway down a menu.
You might find some of the stuff here:

The fact that a multiplayer route is supposed to have strictly built-in or on the Download Station assets, makes me a bit suspicious of where the content is hosted.

Gentlemen, thanks a lot for the informations.
Changing subject to something very annoying... after my FCT number 19 in 10 years with Trainz, have you ever heard of a 100MB limitation per day download????
That's what happening with my download just now, and for the second day in a row...

Did you know that?