Seeking advice from a seasoned Surveyor


Now T:ANE I can get into
I am nearly complete with the trackwork on a prototypical layout, but I've hit a snag with a section of embankment.


On the prototype, the tracks crossing the screen horizontally are elevated on an embankment (represented by the green lines).
The tracks crossing diagonally are at grade. The red lines represent two large concrete retaining slabs.
This image is oriented with north at the top.



Here are two old images of the prototype from opposite sides.

As you know, surveyor cannot make that narrow/clean of a cut through an embankment.
How would you advise I go about modeling this?
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Go into your Content Mgr first, look at your installed content, then on right top corner, you see a search function, type in the word

embankment,,,,,,Look and see what you have in enventory, you should have several items listed by this name?

If so, then do Control + I on keyboard for each item, and it will show you the view of each one....

Specifically look for something called an "embankment end" that is where the end of this spline has a Cap which cuts off the underpass underneath like you need for the pass under rail to go cleanly thru the overpass.

I have one, but I'm sure there are much more on Download Station too.

If you don't have any in your installed inventory then put Download Station in your left corner Filter of Content Manager, then put

embankment end as right hand search filter in Content Manager, and there should be some in download station.

Also go to this thread and read about Bridge Abutments...Lots of good (I know this older) info here that might solve the issue for you.
Or just accept this is a simulation/game with limited capabilities and it doesn't matter if it's not quite right!
Hi Vern,

nearest thing I have come across is the PU Viaduct L, (Buildings), but as you see it only spans a single track.

Example shown is south of Northallerton on my oldification of the TS2012 KX - Newcastle route.

Kind Regards BOGIEMAN

This does present a problem ... as most creators either make a R hand version, and not a L hand version of an asset ... or versa visa ... or they just make a single track version, and not a multitrack version

I made one with lots of walls, all cut and fitted, using the Hold Shift key, and it was a real PITA ... If I were you I would just use the trackside abutment and be done with it, and install a longer through plate girder

I will be posting images of alternatives, using walls, or some other assets ... tinking' tinking' ...

As for the Painted Grace Workgroup "FMA transverse crossing 330" ... I would have never thought of downloading it ... as all their different assets don't even show a decent screenshot of the asset, and instead show a generic, all the same screenshot of a dumb viaduct ... how on earth are you gonna' know what you are downloading if it doesn't have a picture of the asset ... If I spent dozens of hours making an asset in GMax ... I sure would be proud of it and make a spectacular screenshot ... sheesh !
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I agree about the FMA assets.

I only found out how good their items are when I looked at other European routes.

When I used TS12, I opened a new baseboard, downloaded every one of their bridge/viaduct/bank assets and set them up on the baseboard to see what they had.
I did the same for Samplaire's viaduct system, between them they have some brilliant assets for laying your elevated track on.

Here's a 2 over 4 30 transverse crossing with embankments attached. (note matching ground texture)

This is my crossover at Frost, which is an embankment spline covered with a texture spline. Still a work in progress! But I couldn't find a pre-made overpass that would come close to a desert scene I was looking for. And I am not a seasoned surveyor just to make that clear as you can tell!

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Thanks to all for the suggestions, I'm going to give them a try throughout the week and report back.

A thought has occurred - I'm considering using an embankment spline in this particular location, rather than attempting to build the embankment out of the terrain.

Has anyone made a snow-textured embankment? My route is set in the midst of a Chicago winter, but most embankment splines I've come across are either dirt or grass.

@danddhud - Would you mind elaborating on your process there? I've never used embankment/texture splines. It appears that most of your embankment is terrain, while the retaining walls (and the earth they're retaining) are curved splines.
You are correct as far as the terrain is the embankment. The embankment ends are a retaining wall(no fence) that is straight sections at different angles with the ends of the splines adjusted to slope into the terrain. The texture splines are basically laid on top(As careful as I could) of the retaining wall, it helps to have the wall and texture splines on different layers so you can adjust the spline you want. I downloaded the texture splines from . I also downloaded the texture packs to match. I'm happy to answer anything I haven't mentioned.
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Well, as much as it pains me (yet slightly excites me :eek:) to say, it looks like the only solution to my quandary here is to start delving into Blender, because I think this calls for some custom content.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway, folks.
I thought I was picky ... It's only a bridge, and a wall ... I could build it with a wall spline in 1/2 hr ... the asset in post #5 looks identical
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This is a fairly well-known rail junction in the area, and one of my main draws to modeling this particular layout.
It's the one portion I'm not really willing to let myself "fudge" (so to speak).

My obnoxious standards aside, it seems all but impossible to have that bridge & tunnel so close together, while also having tracks bisect it at both that angle and grade (all as per the prototype).
I don't see a feasible way to come up with an alternative that looks close enough to the real deal, at least using the terrain tools and existing content.

The only solution I can come up with would be making an spline of the tracks+embankment, and a custom retaining wall.
I don't think that would be particularly difficult for a first "real" project (as opposed to trying to model a locomotive)