Sd80mac problems


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i downloaded an sd80mac locomotive and i dont see it in railyard.:n: i have no clue what dependancys im missing. can someone help? thanks:)
i'm using trs 2004 build 2370. i downloaded it from the dls and it was made by Splatter. the sd80's are conrail
I just downloaded these and they work for me. make sure you have the bogies.
bogey kuid:37603:50000 AC60_black_front (Custom)
bogey-1 kuid:37603:50001 AC60_black_rear (Custom)

IF you dont have Trainz Objects, Get it. Makes trs2004 much more easy to use.

I have still been trying and nothing... Im so angry! I love these but upset I cant drive one and come as "ZIP" FILE!

Still trying? the thread is from 2008, and you didn't join till 2012, and this is your first post..??? I'm a bit confused how you're "still trying"...

Regardless, those are seriously outdated and obsolete models.
--Much nicer SD80Mac's available at, don't forget to download all the dependencies too.
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