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Hi Guys
Just a short notice
I have taken screenshots in 2019
my problem is that i can not find them.
i earlier trainz like 2009 you just open the
trainz file and then look under user data
there you will find all your screenshots
I tried the same in 2019 but the folder is empty
so where do i find the screenshots in 2019
it say its uploaded to Trainz Portal
can not find that
Click on the link to MyTrainz - it's in the title bar for the Forum.

Once that page opens, along the very top in small print is a link to Trainz Gallery. Click that. Your screenshots are there. You can log in to the Gallery with your Trainz user name.
You will find the screenshots, depending on where you installed the user data folder in

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs19\build sd6ccvr61\screenshots

apart from your username, the key part will be the build name folder. If you have more than one install of TRS19 then there will be more than one build folder. In that case from the Trainz Launcher open Trainz Settings and then the Install tab. The correct build folder name for that copy of Trainz will be at the end of the local data folder name box.