Screenshot of the Week: Voting for week of 7-4


Vote by telling us who you are voting, in bold, for by looking through this thread. I will keep a running tally in this post until the end of the week where I will post the top three winners. Voting ends Friday July 11th...

Just incase you missed it, here are the entries!

Here are the contestants in order of submission... Leader is in bold... PLEASE NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF!

iceman2117 0
razvan100 3
Sparky123456 1
lewisner 0
lilb 0
007007 0
Gandalf0444 0
betsy662 0
slave-driver 1
Dermmy 5
alien3 0
shikadi 0
michael2541 0
ex-railwayman 0
Padster 0
saintjimmy 0
nexusdj 0
brokensleeper 0
Flickenwilli 3
stealthsteam 0
Partyman79 1
roymac 1
campbell5149 1
AJ_Fox 0
okhiu 0
titaniclover 0
Symon_C 0
Michael_Evans 0
ozark 5
JimDep 1
tads. 4
marky7890 0
mikey186 0

Up to date as of tads....

Quite a few contestants this week! Time to vote vote vote vote vote! :D

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Ozark. :Y:

For a second there, I thought Ozark's was
a real picture. The first impression of realism is what I made my choice by.

To be fair about this, I have to put my own personal preferences and bias's aside.

Many shots were staged really well, making this a tough, tough decision.
This is getting more and more difficult. These screen shot are so outstanding. Unfortunately I can't vote for 4 of them.:( I have to go with razvan100.:Y:

Narrowed down till two people and Sparky123456 got my vote. That is a really good shot there. Very creative as well.:) :D

Well as both tads and dermmy won last week, I'll choose razvan100 for this week, excellent screenie Udar......

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.