Screenshot of The Week: November 20 to December 4 2023 (No Theme)



After some discussion with N3V on participation levels, ease of use considerations and evolving preferences, we're trying out some changes to SSoTW. We wanted to streamline the process to make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate. With the updated forum software, you may also have noticed we now have a "like" feature for individual posts. Starting mid-September, the following changes will be made to competition cycles:

1. There will still be occasional themed weeks but this would be reserved for major holidays and notable dates.
2. Weekly cycles will now be extended to bi-weekly to allow more entries to join in.
3. Crucially, there will no longer be a voting week after submissions close. Instead, you can vote for entries as soon as they're posted by "liking" them, so send your entries in early to give it a longer voting period. You can "like" as many entries as you want!
4. The "likes" are tallied at the end of each cycle and results posted as usual. Any "likes" after this are not counted.
5. If you have feedback or suggestions regarding the new system, feel free to also leave them in the replies below.

There is no theme this week.
One screenshot allowed per entrant. Screenshots must adhere to the Trainz Forum Code of Conduct.

Submissions and voting close on December 4.

In an alternate universe where the Milwaukee Road's Pacific Extension held on long enough to become Canadian Pacific's American transcontinental, a westbound grainer headed for Tacoma descends St. Paul Pass shortly before sunset, circa 1997.
Voting is now closed.

15 hiawathamr
11 dundun92
9 bbarnes005
9 epoche3bis4
8 jonwray
7 sanek17
6 kotangagirl
4 swordfish
4 dartrider
4 flamerailzzz
2 brianpacos
1 fant_autentico