Screenshot of The Week: November 22 to November 29 2015 (Winter)

My two cents worth,...

Cheers, Roy3b3
Hello from France, and thanks all those are supporting France in today's dfficulties...

Even in winter , sun sometimes shines !!!!

Cheers, Marc
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Wonderful screenshots made the choosing very difficult.
In no particular order:

Hard to pick. Some screenshots are so good they begin to look like photographs of the real thing.

in no particular order,


Only one vote for me and that is for Peterwise. (Sorry I missed out) but I still think I had zero chance of entering this one with a chance to win.
stevelerro - so awesome with the fog, may I ask where the track came from?
Epoche3bis4 - also awesome with the fog!
peterwise - Nice angle, plus feels so much like a cold, clear winter day's afternoon
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11 stevelerro
10 peterwise
6 epoche3bis4
5 jacksonbarno
3 flyboy559
3 giraud
1 chris2001trainz2010
1 roy3b3
1 wcl
1 benjaminw
1 sp9813