Screenshot of The Week: January 31 to February 7 2016 (No Theme)

Oops. I just realised that I posted too late. I hadn't read the rules in the first post. My apologies - entry withdrawn. :eek:



Traditionally, "it's not over 'till it's over" - that is to say when Nicholas gives the votes.

Please consider putting back your screenshot (unless it's really over, that is).

Entry re-instated as requested. :)

A pair of SW1500s cross the creek with a northbound manifest train.


Well, then, I am not voting here (waiting for Nicky) but I will cordially agree with the original request. :hehe:
Submissions are now closed. There are 18 entries for this round so up to 3 votes are allowed. Voting will be from now until February 16, 1200nn UTC. Please post your votes below.
A big thank you to all participating. Really enjoyed looking at your shots.

My votes this week:
I must ask, Peterwise, where did you get that model of Der Adler and those carriages?


The locomotive and carriages are a work in progress by 'konni' (Konrad Bernhard) and the route is a work in progress by nawlins (Chris Sprague) and was a joint venture between Konni and Chris.

Both Konni and Chris are members of (the predominantly UK) Trainz Carriage & Wagon Works (TCWW) as am I.

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SirGreg - An atmospheric cold weather look alongside the detail of the billowing smoke, makes one feel the need to put on the winter woolies.
Giraud - An extremely real world look with the brilliant touch to detail.
desertrt - Great camera view looking down the line at night. Draws one into searching for an approaching light within the darkness ahead.
It took me awhile to cut my selection from 4 to 3. And there were others that were worth a look. Here are my final 3:
GIRAUD really a lot of detail in a small space
And ARhian7, you blew me away with realism and detail.
This one was hard as there were some really outstanding shots, locomotives in shadow, yet the road name stands out, etc.

My votes, in no order

Voting is now closed, thank you all for participating.

7 giraud
5 stevelerro
4 jacksonbarno
4 weevil
3 desertrt
3 arhian7
2 peterwise
2 generalman
2 firefighterdan
1 sirgreg