Screenshot of The Week: January 31 to February 7 2016 (No Theme)



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Submission closes on February 7 at 12:00 noon UTC/GMT/Zulu time.

Farewell 1218! Until next time!

Class A number 1203 leads a LE&E hotshot through the New Jersey meadowlands in the late 50's. In 1957 and 1958, the LE&E leased several N&W As due to a motive power shortage in those years. This would be the start of the LE&E's association with the N&W, which would continue until the early 1970's. The L&A and LE&E boxcars blocked at the front of the train are the remnants of the LE&E/L&A's joint merchandise service. Decline in demand has changed service patterns from complete trains to cars blocked in hotshots carrying other goods.

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LNER A3 2743 "Fealstead" streaks past in the night with the Flying Scotsman. In the midst of the war years, the once Apple Green engine has lost it's color to the simpler, cheaper, black scheme carried by all LNER engines at the time.

@Roy3b3: Thanks for posting the pic with my AA GP38-2. It's cool to see that people actually use my content!

Here's my submission.

Due to the large amounts of coal required by Cambria County's three power plants, the county operates a small railroad to move coal to the plants. Here, we see train CCPU1, empty coal hoppers to the mine, in the hole while CCPU2, the return trip with loads, meets it.

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This is my first entry using the new Service Pack for Mac. I am going to have to build my Wolf Hill & Western Route from scratch because no one was able to tell me how to merge the new Service Pack with my old, established route. I have been working on the new route and I'm getting some wonderful results from the new pack. The graphics are fantastic and the playback is faultless on my iMac. So, here is my first attempt called, "Morning Westbound Senator pulls into Wolf Hill's Union Station."

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Life in rural Germany c. 1850.

The scene is a country station somewhere between Mannheim and Heidelberg on the Grandducal Baden State Railways c. 1850. Built in 1842, this was the first broad gauge railway in the Duchy of Baden and one of the first in Germany.
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Oops. I just realised that I posted too late. I hadn't read the rules in the first post. My apologies - entry withdrawn. :eek:

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