Screenshot of The Week: December 19 to December 26 2022 (Christmas)

Christmas Eve, 1945, 6PM. Denver & Rio Grande #346 stops at the station at the top of Tollume Pass in the middle of a snowstorm. Most of the hardy people who live at the top of Tollume Pass are staying warm in the station, but a couple have ventured outside into the freezing cold to meet loved ones who have traveled home for the holidays. In a few minutes, the short train will soon be back on its way heading down the mountain pass.


It sounds like a picturesque and festive scene on Christmas Eve, 1945 at the top of Tollume Pass! The snowstorm and the short train stopped at the station add to the holiday atmosphere, and it's heartwarming to imagine people coming together to meet loved ones and celebrate the season. It must have been a special and memorable Christmas for those who were able to be there.