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What is strange about it, they are a very common style of DMU/EMU in the UK?

You need to look outside the US a bit more.

I meant that it looks strange, not bad. I didn't mean unusual, if that is what you thought I meant. what I found strange about it was the front, the just look funny to me. I meant no offense to Mightyena or the creator of that asset.
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Local waits for Express Passenger/Ocean Mails at GWR Penryn

A local passenger, appropriately, but somewhat ignominiously, led by, speed record holder, GWR City of Truro waits at Penryn for access to the single track ahead, while GWR 7821 Ditcheat Manor, from Falmouth Docks, passes hauling an express passenger/Ocean Mails fast train to meet the mainline Penzance to Paddington express at Truro .

This screenshot uses (with permission) Bob Cooper's upcoming freeware route of GWR Truro to Falmouth branch, set in the 1930s. See:

It is well worth a look!

Bob expects the route to be ready for TS12 in March 2015 and (perhaps later) T:ANE.

The route is currently under test by a number of us at the UK Trainz Carriage and Wagon Works.



Those docks in the second pic in the link are amazing!

Well, as you see from the Google Satellite Photo below Falmouth docks are (still) quite extensive. Of course they would have been far more impressive in the 1930s - the period that Bob Cooper, is so accurately portraying.

As you see, Falmouth harbour is well placed on the north side of a nearly west-east peninsular, so it is well sheltered from the westerly Atlantic storms that rack this westerly section of the south coast of England. In fact Falmouth generally is protected by an even larger north-soth peninsular, The Lizard.

Pendennis Castle, to the south of Falmouth docks, on the other hand, being on a hill, might have been a great lookout point, but it must have been a pretty draughty place in an Atlantic storm!


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