Scenario for Kids

I think it's a good idea. I know alot of parents who's younger children play Trainz and I think this'd be really neat. Have the option to add either real trains or Thomas and make a simple scenario, and you're all set. I found that doing scenarios that are puzzling are good exercises for problem solving. Speaking from experience, I wish I had better problem solving skills as I feel that I'd be doing better in Algebra. So, I'd say go for it.
that could be a simple build, i know there is that track like the old wooden BRIO trains in trainz. i think its built in, under PINE track.
but, i got my hands in maybe a few differnt knots right now, so i am of no avail to nuild such a route.
Good luck,
Thats a good idea. I think a small layout would be good, but it should be full of things to do. Kids can lose interest in things real quickly, so tons of things to do would hold there interest.
Of course, there is also Oak track in addition to the Pine track...

Anyways, yeah, that's a great idea. I know that's how I got my start, one wooden train at a time (I'm currently sitting next to two 3x3x3 ft toyboxes filled with Thomas/Brio trains).

Also, a layout for kids means it can just be laid out on a grass mat, thus eliminating my usual texturing hassles. :hehe:

I don't suppose anyone knows the Fixed Track equivalents to Thomas/Brio track?:p