saving sessions inb surveyor


Hi All,
If my computer crashes and I loose all sessions in surveyor how can I save these sessions and then return to newly formated computer..
What do other gamers do to save in case of computer failure?
Cheers, Robynne
I was worried about the same problem, so I purchased an external 1-terrabyte drive from IDrive for about $60 USD and copied my entire TS12 on to it. You also might want to archive your routes/sessions on a separate drive for you current Trainz application.
I highly recommend backing up, at the least, the User Data folder as that contains your complete world - your downloaded content, routes, sessions, everything.

I use a free program called FastCopy, available here: to do the job. There are various options to copy the data, among the more useful ones is Diff, based on data and time, and Full Copy. The way I use it is do a Full Copy once to my external drive then use the Diff copies subsequently to ensure the latest changes are up-to-date.

Having a copy of the User Data folder means you can simply restore everything back after a fresh install. The second alternative is to copy the whole Trainz TS12 install to the external device. The advantage of this, even though the initial copy takes a very long time and the restore takes a very long time, is if there is a need to reinstall all I do is copy everything back over a few hours.