San Diego Desert Line to be Restored (again)



The Metropolitan Transit System's Desert Line, formerly the Carrizo Gorge Railway, formerly the Pacific Imperial Railway, formerly a Southern Pacific branch, and formerly the San Diego & Arizona Eastern (could be missing some formers there), is to be restored to operating conditions for freight traffic! Construction is scheduled to begin summer of this year and completed by 2018.

The idea is to alleviate the number of trucks crossing the border both ways and reduce the pollution caused by all those semis. So far, the main freight that'll be carried over the line will likely be autos. Makes sense, since San Diego receives shiploads of imported cars.

- As some of you may know, track improvements along the Surf Line have been underway for a good few years now. The aim is the same as the restoration of the Desert Line; to decrease the amount of vehicles on a congested roadway. In this case, Interstate 5. Coaster and Surfliner schedules have recently been changed to take advantage of the new double-trackage between Camp Pendleton and San Diego.
That's funny, I was just looking at some pictures of that line. I wonder what they will be using for motive power because the current engines are in no shape to run.
Probably nothing too heavy. I think SP might've used SD-units when it ran the line, but every company after used four-axle motive power.

What I want to know is what they'll be doing with all the commuter cars the previous owners stored there. There are ex-Metra (ex-C&NW) galleries and ex-AMT sing-level cars just sitting on sidings along the tracks. All looking pretty bad now, but not too late to be saved.
I live in So California, and am well aware of this Railroad, I told certain folks in the know, decades ago, this route along with a Passenger Run from LA to Vegas needed to be re installed, but they all snuffed there noses at the idea......So now after all the smoke from Semis ( I not against Trucks) it finally comes down to the fact, Railroads can move one heck of a lot of goods, and they can do a great intermodal partnership with local Trucking company's for off loading etc, there is more than enough biz for all forms of transportation concerned.........JM2CentS.....Thanks for sharing.......
The Desert Line did have some traffic off-and-on for the last decade or so with the Pacific Imperial and the Carrizo Gorge Railway; the latter becoming a god-awful mess before finally ceasing operations. I think both companies mostly carried sand to make cement.

As for the passenger service from LA to Vegas, XpressWest is working on a high speed service on a dedicated ROW. But they just recently cut ties with their Chinese partners, so completion of that may be delayed.
Thanks for update, I'll ck out the XpressWest deal, I'd love to take a rail to Las Vegas, than driving on that long, and sometimes very crowded I-15!

As for Carrizo Gorge Railway, Top end mgt is a must, dedication to detail, they will do very well, if not fantastic.......

The business is definitely there, if they will only build a better Mouse Trap as they say, no stupid shortcuts, do it right, build it Right! Job is number 1......Yada, Yada....

Have a great week all.......