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Hello all:
I have been working on a route that involves the Memphis, TN, USA area on and off for several years. Due to my novice abilities, I haven' made much progress, other than track laying. I am looking for volunteers to help with this project.
This is an interesting area because all the current class 1 US railroads are represented, CSX, NS, UP, BNSF & CN/IC. Only the BNSF and CN/IC run through. The others terminate and exchange traffic,or hand off their train to another road. There are many industries and even an oil refinery that recieves crude oil from docks on the Mississippi river. Our local steam power plant receives coal from river barges, but does have a RR spur. The RR bridges over the Mississippi river currently see 50 to 75 trains per day. (UP & BNSF) pre-merger roads in Memphis were Rock Island, Missouri Pacific, C&O, Y&MV, IC, Frisco, Nc& STL, & Southern. Not to mention one section of the longest running regularly scheduled freight in the country the SSW (Cotton Belt) MBSMFF, Memphis Blue Streak Merchandise Freight Forwarder originated in Memphis. In the not to distant past, there were 7 major sawmills operating within the city limits. Around 1900, ACF, American car and foundry, had a factory there that produced wood boxcars. I must include that the famous IC engineer "Casey Jones" departed Memphis Poplar St. station on April,4 1900 for his last run into eternity. Ever seen a woodside "Woody" automobile? The wood for those was produced in Memphis at the Fischer body plant. Lots of industry and RR history in that area.
The map was created with HOG and has the TIGER lines. I have found that capturing Google Earth aerial views and using them as "1km basemap" object makes texturing and building placement much easier if you aren't familar with that area. Although, you do have to adjust the height of the aerial view before capturing it to get it to register with the scale of the map. it doesn't have to line up perfectly, as the "1km sq Basemap" object is movable, like any other object.
If anyone is interested, please email me at;
PS: it was originally created in 04 has been imported into 06 and TC. All versions are available.
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sounds like an interesting project. I wish that I had time to help, but I just don't believe that I can work it into my schedule right now.
Doesn't Amtrak also have schedule trains through Memphis?
Amtrak in Memphis

Yes, Amtrak runs on the CN/IC N-S line from Chicago to NewOrleans. (Northbound at 10:30 PM, SB at 6 AM ) The Illinois Central Station still exists and was renovated in the 90's see:
Our Union station was demolished in the late 60's to make way for a new post office. But, I don't consider Amtrak a real railroad, they just mooch off others.

If anyone reading this would like to look at railroading in the Memphis area look here;

Time isn't a factor, as this has been in the works for several years....
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