RRMods stuff [screenshots/reskins]

Incredible stuff! Honestly, these look so realistic to me. It's incredible to see how far things have come since trainz first started out!

Thanks for sharing with us! :)

Now that is going straight to the poolroom ( Check out the Aussie movie The Castle for this classic Aussie saying ). Nice work Milo's looking forward to trying out this beastie.
Cheers Mick.:)
Four SP AC44s and three more on the rear haul a loaded coal train on the remote Washoe Valley Subdivision in the summer of 1996.

YES!!! I'm just gonna go ahead and pig out right now with no regret's, and want that BNSF Dash-9 with some ATSF, etc. And any GEVO's and Tier 4's if possible? Can never have enough of anything new, no matter how many times it's been made.:Y:
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Wonderful job per usual, guys. I'm definitely getting that (along with the other AC4400s y'all have to offer) once i get some money.