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I told you all yesterday that I had another route in the works to show that I'm back. The route is the Conrail Lincoln Secondary! The Conrail Lincoln Secondary runs from the CSX Saginaw Sub at Carleton, Michigan to Lincoln Park on the south side of Detroit. This route includes the CSX Saginaw Sub I did over the summer from Erie to Carleton where the turn off is onto the Lincoln Secondary. After the Conrail split, CSX aquired this line as a by-pass for Intermodal and general freight traffic and avoid continuing on the Saginaw Sub going through Plymouth like the rest of the CSX trains. The route is dated present day and uses track charts between Conrail Split and CSX Aquisition. The Secondary is 95% single track and sees about 10-12 CSX Road Trains and Conrail Shared Assets runs 2 local trains a day on the line that go to two different locations along the Lincoln Secondary.

NOTE: This route takes place in the winter months. Here is a shot of the Saginaw Sub portion that shows what I mean:


This is the CSX Saginaw Sub in Carleton during the summer (Edition that runs to Plymouth)

and This is the Saginaw Sub in the Winter where you will take the Lincoln Secondary to Lincoln Park.

The track turning off to the right is the Lincoln Secondary on the CSX Saginaw Sub edition.

Lincoln Secondary edition.

CSX train taking the secondary and getting off of the Saginaw Sub.

Crossing under I-275 in the background and heading east.

Heading out at Carleton city limits.

Here at Will Carleton Road is where the Guardian Glass Co. is also!

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Will Carleton Road (Again)!



Crossing over Metro Park Road (aka Park Street)

NOTE: Even though this route starts in the same place as the Saginaw Sub: it goes to a different location. It does not include the full Saginaw Sub like the edition in the summer does. This route only includes the CSX Saginaw Sub to the turn-off onto the Lincoln Secondary. That is all for now! -Chris
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Outstanding work Chris! I can taste the luke warm coffee as I sit awaiting the next train in those winter shots. Nicely done!
Here's an update on the Lincoln Secondary:


Here comes Conrail Shared Assets Train RR61 runs west to Guardian Glass Co; crossing over Inkster Road.

Trailer Park off of Inkster Road.

Vast farmland of southern Wayne County.

Crossing over Huron River Drive....

.....and then over the mighty Huron River! -Chris
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Well this morning was a very cold one....Last night it was so windy I knew it was going to snow...The clouds were just asking to pop and have that snow just fall all night like popcorn.....Well it didnt snow but this morning around 5 or so the skies opened up and it began to snow....HARD.....So on our way we go venturing out in the cold and snow.....

Our first stop where we were going to set up and wait for some trains was at Carleton where we seen a CR unit picking up some cars that the CSX has dropped off for him to take out on the CR line....but when we were waiting for him the CR had to wait for this CN local that was making its way thru town

After the CN local ran on thru he also had to wait for this CSX local to make its way thru on its own CSX line

Finally after about 32 mins the gates come down and the CR finally got on its way...Red lights for the CN and the CR moves on to stomp over the diamond

One last shot of him making his way now off the CSX line and onto its own CR line
New Update!

Everybody; the route is coming along great! I am really happy with the results of the route so far. Looks like it should be at the DLS within the following week! Here's some shots here:

It's 6am on a cold January morning as Q150 (Real intermodal train) from Toledo to Detroit VIA Lincoln Secondary:


Q150 South of Carleton on the CSX Saginaw Sub.

Crossing over the CN Flat Rock Sub and onto the Lincoln Secondary! NOTE: Alot of times I catch this train on the CSX Saginaw Sub going through Plymouth because if the Secondary is not clear in time. They will run this train on the CSX Saginaw Sub and pick-up the Detroit Sub in Plymouth. I actually caught this train yesterday in Plymouth.

Flashin' it's ditchlights for the West Road crossing.

Passing Ford Brownstown Parts Redistribution Center as Conrail Shared Assets Local RR61 works in the Brownstown Yard.

Under Telegraph Road.

Passing Fritz Enterprises where a Conrail Shared Assets local will work later that day.

Abandoned Spur near Eureka Road.

Welcome to Penford Jct near Southgate. Here the Lincoln Secondary crosses the CN (Former GTW) Dearborn Sub. This line used to be the Interburban line. The catenary still exhists across the Dearborn Sub, but not the wires. I wish someone could make the catenary as a spline for this route. Oh well.

Q150 crossing the CN Dearborn Sub at Penford.

After Penford Diamond (In the background) is a crossing over the intersection of Allen Road and North Line Road as you can see the traffic waiting angerly for the train.

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