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this is a thread for screenshots and images of Rollins Pass as found in the new updated Rollins Pass 1910 Route V3 by Jango just released by TrainzItalia.

This remarkable railroad built as the Denver Northwestern & Pacific in 1904 and extended over a number of years from Denver all the way to Craig and links to lines beyond was later reogranized at the Denver & Salt Lake RR.

The portion over Rollins Pass was open from 1904 until 1928 when it was replaced by the Moffat Tunnel and the line was disused and then removed entirely in the 1930s. There are remnants now some of the trestles and parts of tunnels, and wood parts from Snow sheds, but very little else. Partly due to time and partly due to the US Forest Service who owns the land and hated the railroad and worked hard to burn down, and remove any traces of it.

The best source of history is the Corona Telegraph a bi annual illustrated Journal published by the Denver and Salt Lake Historical Society, and two books by Reverend Boliinger. There are a number of amateur videos of the route by four Wheel enthusiasts who drive the remnants of the route, now a dirt road for some of the way, at excessive speed, further destroying what is still there but they can give an idea of what it was.

Feel free to post screenshots of the railroad route, the digital Trainz route or related historical material.


Image by Jango


DNWP Passenger Train on the Hill (nickname for the Rollins Pass Route among Trainmen)


DNWP No. 300 pulling standard Train No.1 consist near the Loop


Arrow 1909


Arrow 1910 in the Rollins Pass 1910 Route by Jango image by Jango


Train approaching Tolland in Summer Season to view wildflowers

Tolland in the Rollins Pass 1910 V3 Route

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¡¡¡Amazing Route!!!



Thanks for this masterpiece to all route creators

Best Regards and Happy New Year from Spain
More from the Rollins Pass..

Scene from Tabernash


Platform at Fraser



Back Streets of Arrow


Arrow by the Depot


Near Boulder Creek at the base of the Hill


Jenkins Mill near Newcomb


No. 1 passes over Boulder Creek and the jenkins mill train heading to Newcomb to deliver ties

:wave: Greetings all,

:udrool: Here are some pictures I took last night after getting everything tidied up and working, this Route, the Sky, the Texture, and oh the Mountains, and I love mountains that look like this, so much to be proud of here. Thanks a Trainz Zillion times, this Route is off the charts. I'll post the rest of my comments on the original thread.
I'm forever indented to the creator Teams. :clap::clap::clap:

The last shots were not historically accurate because the Denver, Northwest, and Pacific had been renamed the Denver and Salt Lake by 1915. Thanks to Dennr we have some D&SL locomotives,

but no rolling stock let alone any snowy locomotives and rolling stock. I'm very happy with what we have since I've been waiting for years to roll over the pass with the right equipment.
Nice pictures Norm. We decided to include a few DS&L lettered equipment and Bob our Trainmaster over saw that I made the logos and our expert John Emmot advised on the details. We are in discussion with one of the finest Trainz locomotive and rolling stock community work groups to make more DS&L lettered stock, we also have some DS&L Passenger cars and several of the cabeese. So don't despair. just takes time to do things right and we won't do it any other way. We just decided to focus on the Denver Northwestern & Pacific original period for this release, as we are very fond of "Uncle" Dave, David Moffat the founder and wanted to present the route in honour of his memory. He was a fine gentleman, greatly respected and admired and much liked by his trainmen and staff.


Re the cattle trains, they ran them quite small and fast because the cattle had a very hard time going over the Pass and staying alive. We included the cattle cars as they were on the roster, and they do work and load and unload at all of the stockyards, thanks to Bob's hard work to get it all going.

Also a side note, we will be including the regularly scheduled Mixed Train consists that ran every Wednesday, due to the kindness of the Editor of the Corona Telegraph, Ken Shaver we have a fully detailed schedule of trains and types and will continue to develop and release Sessions to portray the activities of the Railroad and when needed will develop new rolling stock and assets to support this effort, and to support this beautiful route made by our Team Leader Jango.

Chris Gerlach
Team Lead
Rollins Pass 1910 Project
More From Rollins 1910





Rotary Train on the Hill



DNW&P Express and Mail No. 1 Train Passing over Jenkins Mill Train at Boulder Trestle


Getting up Steam at Tolland


Morning CUPRR Log Train Passing Stockholm Lumber Camp, St. Louis Creek


Jenkins Lumber Mill at Dawn

Jenkins Mill will be seen in Session No. 10 due to be released soon. The Mill produced most of the sleepers that were used in the original construction of the Hill portion of the Route, (the 4% grade line that ran from Tolland over the Pass to Fraser). The Mill worked from timber collected along the headwaters of Boulder Creek, and operated it's own narrow gauge spur line to the transfer platform near Newcomb just at the base of the Hill. The construction crews, some 3000 men of a wide variety of nationalities, including a large Japanese crew that manned one Section of the route after work was done, laid 3000 ties per mile. Most ties were fir but on the curves that has especial wear, hardwood ties were used and were found to be intact and in good shape after 30 years of operation when they were lifted during the dismantling of the Hill portion of the line in the 1930s.
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I finally imported the rolling stock from the 1910 Rollins Pass package into SP2 without the hotfix and I discovered that there was some rolling stock for the D&SL. Yay! While the 1910 route is not compatible I can run the D&SL on the 1915 route.

Rollins Pass Fall 1915;

I don't know why I love this region so much, I have spent a little time there and did do a little 4-wheeling above Colorado Springs back in the day. This route, in all it's various forms, remains my very favorite in trainz. I always have a big smile on my face by the time I've gotten up the first step on the Giant's Staircase.
Very nice pictures Norm. Actually there is nothing in the route that was not there for the 1915 DS&L Era, it is identical. The only thing that changed was the road markings on the Engines and rolling stock which was relettered pretty quickly. So you could run the DS&L stock and engines the Mikados quite accurately as 1915, with the exception of Arrow which burned down late in that year. The town was largely deserted by that time as most of the people had moved on to Fraser and to Tabernash by then. But the Depot and the Eating house and the Section house survived into the 20s. Fraser was the same in 1915 as was Tabernash. Up to you but glad you are enjoying it all, i agree it is a fascinating subject and experience to drive or ride along it virtually...and many enjoy exploring the route in Jeeps and on foot still today.

The depot in Tolland was brick by 1915, but the same shape as that older model and the Eating house was moved to the far side of the Depot from the screenshot you posted by that date and the yard had been expanded a bit. We do hope to have a summer fall version sometime in the future depends on work and other factors.

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I primarily wanted to run in 88364 so I could see the mountains, I suppose that n3v will eventually fix that in later versions, I guess. For now the newest version of the game is crippled, I fool with it some because it does some very pretty screenshots but only of flatland.
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