Still here... lurking
Hi all.

Has anyone seen Rickf77? He's changed his username title, signature, AND posts to nothing but periods! I'm wondering is he alright?? :confused:
Hi everybody.
Quite a few members from this forum seem to have migrated to Trainz Dot Net as I have made a few postings over their myself. There also seems to be a large number of former British Trainzers now appearing over at UK trainsim which is mainly railworks (Trainsim). It also seems to me that a considerable number of former regular posters on this forum seem to have "gone missing" from the rail-sim community all together in the last few months.

I believe when those of us who have been regular contributors to this forum for so many years think on what a great community it has always been but now find that seems to be slipping away, it is "rather sad" to say the least. It also should be a warning to the N3V management to "get its act together" as the above people are customer and revenue drifting away.

Anyway, in the office so better get back to work, first day back after two weeks of a great holiday and finding desk stacked high with everything not done. Their is surely nothing worse in this world.:(

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Good you enjoyed your break there Bill. Before I took early retirement on health matters I had to cope with 6 weeks holiday a year plus the occasional one day breaks for national things.