what happened to keimei?


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with that model talent he has given to trainz, ive been wondering if he's alright, since he havent done that much japanese content for trainz in a while
Here is the last thing he posted in May 2013:

Hi all.
I've recieved the mail from n3v that says many of my asset on the DLS must be repaired according to 'Download_Station_Cleanup'. but...

- Too many assets are listed up to 'repair'. But I have no time to repair all.
- All of my assets have 'no error' on my TS09/TS12. So I cannot understand what 'repair' means.

And more...

I've upload new train cars to DLS, but n3v rejected them because of error. Though these trains have 'no error'.

So I stop uploading my new assets onto DLS until n3v changes its mind of 'Cleanup'. And you know, some of my assets will be removed from DLS by n3v's 'Cleanup'. And, many good old assets other than mine will be lost from DLS. Download them NOW ASAP.