Restoring a accidentally delete route/scenario

Daft question... But if a accidentally delete a route/scenario that I've created is there anyway of getting it back ? I assumed that CMP might move deleted items to the recycle bin but alas not...

I suspect I allready know the answer... 😒

Thanks in advance for any help.
If you are lucky (and was using TS12 at the time) you may be able to find it in the <trainz install folder>/UserData/Backups folder.

Thanks for the reply... The funny thing is I didn't actually delete it, the last time i fired up my pc and used train was about 3 months ago and all was well. Due to work and family commitments I hadn't had time to have a play around for a while and when i fired up train the other day thats when I noticed quite a few things were missing. I have no idea how any of it got deleted. Ive had a look in the<trainz install folder>/UserData/Backups folder and found a few things but the config file are really screwed up and won't load in trainz. Very annoying... But hey ho I have some copies of my route from a earlier time that I can use to get back to where i was.