AC MonkeyWrench Models
Can anyone tell me how to make the TRS stay in the resolution set to my PC, so that I can make a video of my operation. Or how to make video to set to a web site?
If your going to make a video that you will play on your DVD player/TV 640x480 is plenty big enough as Standard definition is only 480 lines anyhow unless you want to play the video on your PC only then going bigger is better.
To lock the screen resolution in TRS use the "trainz Options" text file located in the Auran folder and add the line
or whatever you want to use (someone correct me if I am wrong please) the Configure Trainz menu should work from the start splash screen. I do not know why you can't get it to work from there.
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Click on the green "start" button in the lower left corner of your desktop. Click on "Search" and then click on "For Files or Folders". A window will open. Enter trainzoptions into the edit box and press enter. After a while (depending on the size of your disk and number of files you have) trainzoptions.txt file will be found. Use notepad to edit it.