Requesting Help Understanding How to get a list of Dependencies


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I am still learning some of the basics here so please forgive my ignorance. I am trying to obtain 20 missing dependencies for a route I was given. This is in Trainz 2006 but I assume the process will be similar for 2004 and 2012 which I also have.

I found the list of the missing ones but i dont know how to activate the download of the list from the library in the Download Manger screens. can anyone help me?

i have gone to the library in the past and downloaded individual items but have not learned how to do the mass downloads up updates for a route thanks for any help on this. :)

the route was made for 2004 version so i may have to try this with that version of the Download manager, i noted that it says some 40 are broken i am guessing those are old assets that dont work in 2006?

here is what i see on my screen with the list activated.

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I would be glad to help you with dependencies, and by using Free Skype we could communicate instantly, or have a free phone call, or share screens

I deal primarily in TRS2006, as my laptop is integrated graphics
hi and thanks a lot i sent you a PM with my skype data you may also be able to help me with 2004 i may have to use that too for some of the older assets as this route was made for 2004 along with another i am going to be studying from the same source.

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Hi Cris,

You may find this website helpful:

This is free to use, though donations are accepted and welcome, however, you need to create a login.

You simply put in the kuid number either in full, or in parts into the form(s) provided.

The program will then search it out and list the last known locations of the assets with links to specific websites and sometimes to the files.

Now those assets in particular belong to Roberto Conti from TrainzItalia. I'm not sure if these assets are still available due to their website crashing and then being rebuilt. Carlo, user Pendolino on the forums here, will be the one to know this exactly. How you wonder I would remember this Kuid... I have a knack for remembering numbers and having searched for a number of Kuids over the years, I have various ones memorized. You think I might spend a bit too much time in Surveyor! :)

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wow john you are amazing I will be sure to join your site and make a contrib. yep they are from them and i am eager to see their wonderful work. they have been very kind and I am looking forward to helping in some small ways with their work. thanks a lot. So far just a couple are missing but i am sure once i do all i can on my own they can help with missing ones.

I did a lot of KUID searching myself earlier this year looking for old ones..your site will be a wonderful help thanks again :)