Remembering the 1st of July


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We have had events all over the country to mark the tragic consequences of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. In the first day 20,000 on our side died and by the time it was over months later a million had died were wounded or just not found (covering both the Empire side and the Germans. I watched the memorial event at the Somme monument and it was very moving. In a number of cities here there were groups of men walking about in WW1 uniforms acting in a sense like ghosts and did so in main rail stations, etc. it was one of the worst events in military history and even with all the preparation of shelling of German lines it bogged down into a sad time.
Yes, I saw brilliant photos of WWI servicemen at Euston Station.

This was really well done.
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War reenactments are such cool entertainment ... showing tourists and children how opposite sides got withing 50 foot of each other, and then everybody let loose an explosive hail of bullets, and lowered their opponents blood pressure to zero with a 50 caliber ball shot ... War, the most excellent way for population control !
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yes the pictures you mention were copied at station acros the country with those men quietly walking about to emphasise the passing of so many a Aeditor. There were also memorial services across the country as well.

Not sure what that mention was about tourists and children being 50 feet from each other whilst shooting and bombing going on?? Such things essentially only happened on battlefields when in places opposite trenches were sometimes very close. Due to that in one year German and British troops hailed each other at Christmas and came out to shake hands, embrace and sing carols. The Somme was the worst situation we faced and the most horrific in the number of wonded, dead and no trace. It was meant to take the pressure off the French along the battlefield and lasted longer than expected even after days shelling German lines. Along with The Queen, senior Royal Family members at the large memorial even the President of france was there and so too the President of Ireland.

The across country events were good and I think the one at the Somme Memorial was outstanding. The ceremonial the reading of 1916 comments from soliders the hundreds of children laying items on graves was so deeply touching and effected watchers everywhere.