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Am very new at this, is also my first post. I do prefer using the search button, but on this topic have not found much.

My question is: How do I get more diesel output, over aviation and petrol. It seems most things run on diesel, and I cant get enough of it. When the refinery runs dry of diesel, my trains pickup av gas or petrol, even though the tankers have been modified for diesel commodity.

So I added an airport, to get rid of the av gas, but other than the seaport using petrol, cant find much else to use up this resource.

I was thinking if the petrol and av gas was used from the refinery, it would then produce more diesel!

Is this true? or can the refinery be edited to change within a script editor?

Am really impressed with the amount of versatility this game provides, hope to be around for some time.:cool:

In surveyor - click F3 - to enter the objects tab. Then click properties (I think it's a question mark), and then click on the refinery you have placed. The specifications of the refinery should open and then you can adjust how much of each commodity is produced (or even set it to none), as well as how much crude oil is consumed by the refinery. I ususally set this quite low so it doesn't run out of crude very quickly, and subsequently stop producing the other commodities.

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to go with Neil said above, after you have placed the Refinery or if its already placed, just click on the ? in the Objects Tab then click on your Refinery. The properties window will open, in here you can adjust what the Refinery will consume and/or produce.

If you only want Diesel, set both Av Gas & Petrol to 0 (zero) for produce, you can also set the amount they have 'in stock' to 0 (zero) so that if you do run out of Diesel then nothing will be loaded into your tankers.

As for running out of Crude Oil, this is a little bit of a guess, how long does it take a train to deliver Crude Oil to the Refinery then set the consume rate to match or a little lower, but if you don't have trains to deliver Crude Oil then just as easy to set the consume rate to 0 (zero). This way the Refinery will only produce Diesel for you and consume nothing.

Hope this helps... :)