Recovering a deleted asset


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Hey y'all,
As a TRS19 user, is there a way to recover an asset that you deleted in the content manager?
I accidentally deleted a route I started earlier today and I need it back desperately.
In the backups folder, the subfolders are arranged by date.

In the top level of these dated folders are .tzarc files. Look for the one with the kuid for your route. This file will also be larger compared to others in the folder.

Copy that .tzarc file to the edit folder.

Run a database repair and that will restore your route from the backup.

Sometimes you need to use a .tzarc with a number sequence after it such a kuid 124863 100882.tzarc_822537210, which is one of my backed-up copies of my big route.

For this kind of file, remove the _ and number part leaving, just the file with the .tzarc such as this:

kuid 124863 100882.tzarc_822537210


kuid 124863 100882.tzarc