Reading steam locomotives?

This is a pretty basic question, but are there any Reading Company steam locomotives besides the few camelbacks, Leeferr's Crusader and all the T-1s? More specifically, locomotives like the G series pacifics, or any freight and passenger and freight steamers.
K&L content is awesome, but they don’t have much Reading steam outside of the T-1, R&N G-1 and A-4 camelback. I remember I downloaded a reading G3 or G1 off of a site somewhere, but it had too many faults to fix.
Yeah, I remember those too and I deleted them due to being unfixable. I can't think of any other sites offhand.
I do know that Rolos Trainz has an I10sa 2-8-0 up as freeware, but it takes some basic fixing as the textures don’t load. Other than that, it’s a pretty good reading steamer. It’s kind of like MSTNoodle’s stuff, low detail but talented nonetheless. I do hope though that someone makes a G series pacific for TS12 and up.

The Reading Company is severely lacking in steam motive power in Trainz, asides from the odd Ben Neal reskin or kitbashed content. I wish I knew how to make Trainz content, sounds pretty fun.
NOT_DOS_Player has a Reading G-1-sa pacific on the DLS. The Pacifics were rebuilt into the T-1 Northerns in 1945, 4 of them survive and one is in operation, 2102 at the Reading and Northern with 2100 under restoration in Cleveland, OH. The other two are at Steamtown in Scranton, 2124, it last ran on the Rambles in 1964, the Reading Rambles lasted from 1959-1964 and 2101 is at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore and was recently moved by a diesel to a different track. It has a badly faded AFT scheme, in 1977-1978 it was painted in a yellow/orange/dark blue Chessie System scheme when it pulled the Chessie Steam Special excursions. It was damaged in a roundhouse fire in Kentucky in 1979. There is a Reading 0-6-0 switcher on display in the building at the Railroad Museum of PA in East Strasburg, PA next to the Strasburg Rail Road. Reading/Strasburg 0-4-0 camelback was sold to the Age of Steam roundhouse in Sugarcreek, OH. When the Reading dieselized during the 50's they scrapped most of their steam locomotives except 5 T-1's for the Rambles (one was for donor parts and was later scrapped), the shop switcher now at the PA museum, and the Camelback now in Ohio formerly at Strasburg RR since the early 60's. It was used at a plant in Birdsboro before going to Strasburg. The PRR had the most surviving steam locomotives of the northeast US railroads, most of which are at the PA railroad museum in East Strasburg, PA and one at Williams Grove, PA and 1361 undergoing restoration at the museum in Altoona.
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I agree that we need more good Reading steam power in Trainz; I would also love to see a G-class Pacific, and an I-class Consolidation.

But everything I have ever read about the T-1 Northerns says they were rebuilt from I10-class Consolidations, not from G-class Pacifics.

Maybe K&L could reverse the prototype T-1 conversions to make I-class Consolidations! :D
NOT_DOS_Player's G1sa is sadly, for TANE build 4.5 and up, so it's out of my reach. Currently, I'm trying to kitbash a Reading pacific type out of K&L's Boston and Maine P4 pacific. Only issue is that I can't position the headlight to the top of the smokebox as it's part of the main mesh. Is there any way to edit the mesh file to raise up the headlamp?
And the Reading only preserved 4 T-1's for the Rambles between 1959-1964, a shop switcher now at the Railroad Museum of PA in East Strasburg by Strasburg Rail Road, and a camelback which Strasburg bought and is now at Age of Steam roundhouse in Sugarcreek, OH. And Strasburg and Sugarcreek are both Amish areas. Sugarcreek used to have steam train rides by the Ohio Central, but Jerry Jacobson stopped them due to liability reasons and new Ohio Central owner Genessee and Wyoming wants nothing to do with excursions. The northeast fallen flag with the most number of preserved steam locomotives is the PRR, with most of them at the PA museum in East Strasburg on display. The K-4 #1361 in Altoona is being restored by the museum and will run on NS and tourist railroads in the future. It last ran in August 1988 in York, PA and I rode behind it from York to Menges Mills and return then we went to Ocean City, MD for a few days. It was restored in 1987 and ran excursions on the Nittany and Bald Eagle from Vail (Tyrone) to Bellefonte and back. It was formerly displayed at the Horseshoe Curve on a display track until 1985. T-1 #2102 is now running again at the Reading and Northern and normally pulls excursions from Reading and Port Clinton (two boarding locations) to Jim Thorpe and return in the spring, summer, and fall since 2022. It last ran October, 1991. 2100 is being restored in Cleveland, OH. And all the preserved Reading steam locomotives are available for Trainz. leeferr, K&L Trainz, and Paulz Trainz have T-1 models. Paulz Trainz has the Reading 0-6-0 shop switcher, and K&L has the 0-4-0 camelback that was at Strasburg since the 60's and now at Age of Steam roundhouse in Sugarcreek, OH.
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