Re-creating the old March to Wisbech branch line


Building the Wisbech line
Started work on my trainz 2009 in re-creating as realistically as possible the old 7.8 mile branch between the two Fenland towns of March and Wisbech. March station and trackwork on my layout is complete. March East sidings, Whitemoor Junction, yard, whitemoor engine depot along with two run-round loops on the main line through March Station to be completed; and colour-light signalling to be installed and tested.

*Note: the prototype branch line between the two towns is still intact today following closure in 2001, (the last freight ran along the line in July 2000 - Spillers Pet Food train). the track is now barely visible with overgrown dense vegetation and in a poor state of repair. R.I.P. Wisbech East Station and branch line 1847 - 2001.
is that part of the M&GN and GE route? please if you are using TS2009 it may not work in TS12 if you add me as a friend i may help you if you need it.
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The old branch line I mention was the old G.E.R route between March, Cambs and the junction on the ely - king's lynn main line at Watlington (Nr Downham Market) This GER route opened in 1847/1848 and was closed in 1968 (passengers) along with Wisbech East station, on victoria road. The old station was demolished in early 1969 along with the single track route from Wisbech to watlington. March to wisbech was originally double track until the up line into wisbech was lifted in 1972. The station site iin wisbech s now a modern housing estate opposite Station drive. The remaining section from march to wisbech (single track) still exists to this day, 12 years after the last freight train - spillers pet food trains and metal box facotry trains ran along the line to & from Wisbech east goods yard, nr coalwharf road - the old yard is now a factory car park and factory extension, only two goods yard lamps remain of what was once a yard with 9 sidings and a short run-round loop.

The march to wisbech section (7.8 miles) has been closed since 2003 and still owned by Network Rail and is almost overgrown with dense vegetation. Wisbech had two stations and 2 seperate branch lines. the other station - 'Wisbech North' was on Harecroft Road and was on the line between Peterborough and Sutton Bridge, part of the extensve M&GN system until 1959 passengers and 1964 freight.
Re: the old G.E.R branch line I mentioned above, I've only so far managed to fully re-create as close to real life detail as possible March Station, March East sidings, and a mile of double main line track (the ely to peterborough main line thru the real life march station) my version of the main line has two run-round loops either end of the scale mile double track section. My route is on my trainz 2009 copy, using a combination of Google Earth, my two local railway books 'Branch line to Upwell' and 'branch lines around wisbech' - both by middleton press - and using a local map book. Whitemoor yard and whitemoor junction are pending to be re-created soon as I get march station dressed with buildings and various station junk.

No idea how long this will take me to faithfully recreate the long-lost March to Watlington route, matching it identically in detail to what was once in situ in real life until 1968; nor if this route will be completed given the huge task I have set myself to see if the project is feasable. I won't be posting the route to the DLS as how long it will take to do I have no idea.


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I like to say that Kings Lynn was also part of the M&GN, story or Circle says "that M&GN did have platform of its own due to south Lynn station and Austin Street M&GN base. More details come from the Peterbrough to Kings Lynn part of the M&GN book done by Michael Back and M&GN Circle



here's the list of the M&GN stations but as you can see Kings Lynn was used by GE mostly because its their station and M&GN Partly. But its not one of M&GN primary stations on the list. I think that M&GN used it for The M&GN's administrative headquarters was at Austin Street, King's Lynn and south Lynn.


  • Attlebridge railway station
  • Aylsham North railway station

  • Bluestone railway station

  • Caister Camp Halt railway station
  • Caister-on-Sea railway station
  • California Halt railway station
  • Catfield railway station
  • Clenchwarton railway station
  • Corpusty railway station
  • Counter Drain railway station
  • Cromer railway station

  • Drayton railway station

  • East Rudham railway station
  • Eye Green railway station

  • Fakenham West railway station
  • Felmingham railway station
  • Ferry railway station
  • Fleet railway station (Lincolnshire)

  • Gayton Road railway station
  • Gedney railway station
  • Great Ormesby railway station
  • Grimston Road railway station
G cont.

  • Guestwick railway station

  • Hellesdon railway station
  • Hemsby railway station
  • Hillington railway station
  • Hindolvestone railway station
  • Holbeach railway station
  • Holt railway station
  • Honing railway station

  • Lenwade railway station
  • Long Sutton railway station

  • Martham railway station
  • Massingham railway station
  • Melton Constable railway station
  • Moulton railway station
  • Murrow East railway station

  • Newtown Halt railway station
  • North Drove railway station
  • North Walsham Town railway station
  • Norwich City railway station

  • Potter Heigham Bridge Halt railway station
  • Potter Heigham railway station

  • Raynham Park railway station

  • Scratby Halt railway station
  • Sheringham (North Norfolk Railway) railway station
  • South Lynn railway station
  • Stalham railway station
  • Sutton Bridge railway station
  • Sutton Staithe Halt railway station

  • Terrington railway station
  • Thorney railway station
  • Thursford railway station
  • Twenty railway station
  • Tydd railway station

  • Walpole railway station
  • West Runton railway station
  • Weston railway station (Lincolnshire)
  • Weybourne railway station
  • Whaplode railway station
  • Whitwell & Reepham railway station
  • Wisbech North railway station
  • Wisbech St Mary railway station
  • Wryde railway station

  • Yarmouth Beach railway station

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Many thanks for that info regarding the list of m&GN stations across Norfolk, not forgettting the M&GN route from Peterborough onto Sutton Bridge thru' Wisbech North Station. Wisbech North was on Harecroft Road, here in Wisbech, the old station site is now a small cul-de-sac called 'Cricketers way'. North of the station the line crossed Harecroft road and then what is now the A1101 main road. North side of the A1101 (Leverington road was Wisbech North Goods Yard and a brick yard office (still exists today within the warehouse complex coevering the old yard site. Just to the north of this yard was the junction for the single track 'Wisbech North Harbour line' which ran back towards town along the West side quay of the River Nene, terminating in the 'Old Market'.

As you might know, Wisbech boasted two Railway stations 'Wisbech East' (1847 - 1968) on the branch from March to Watlington Jnc, 'Wisbech North (1866 - 1959/1964 on the main line from P'boro to Sutton bridge, connecting with the main line onto South Lynn) two harbour branch lines each on opposite sides of the river, and the Wisbech & Upwell tramway (1869? - 1966), from the east end of Wisbech East into the villages of outwell & Upwell - There's a dedicated website all about the W&U tramway.