Razorback Railway Dual


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Does anyone know where I can get Razorback Railway Dual?
I used to have it, but it is no where to be found.
Thank You
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The last version I downloaded before the site was closed down was; Razorback Railways v6.5 (38 megs)...

On backup, I've got RBRDual_Rolling Stock_1.cdp (55megs) & 2.cdp (63megs). Also RBRDualMap_Assets_1.cdp (39megs) & 2.cdp (36megs). Can't seem to find the map itself, unless it is already in on of the two RBRDual Map_Assets cdp's...

Good to see you have posted on their "shoutbox"

Good luck.

Cheers, Mac...
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Hi Mick,

Whilst the RBR itself no longer exists, one of the scenario creators (Norm) is still creating scenarios and are put up on Larry's site Jenolan's Cess found here https://jenolan.org/ :cool:


Thanks for that Ron i meant pity they couldn't stick around to take the RBR forward into a another version of the game, Although nothing stopping me from throwing 2006 back on here i spose and collecting them all again they were a good way to waste away the hour's for sure.
Cheers Mick.