Railway success in Ulster


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According to a rail magazine Northern Ireland Railways has been praised on a wide basis. It was the worst part of Gt Britain of the 4 home nations that had terrible rail losses during the post 1948 time. However today it has been outstanding in the present modern situation. In time keeping, staff assistance, more trains, etc the system has been recognised by the general public. Passenger numbers have also increased tremendously on all services and something to be proud of so long may that continue. The NIT inherited a declining system years ago. Poor trains some terrible timekeeping and as lacklustre thing that had seen better days. It is like night and day from when I recalled it on visits. More new trains were added again not so long ago too so well done the NIR!
I read this too. This is good news for the ruined system they have. Are they reopening any lines that were closed?

It reminds me of the area I live in where lines were ripped up, just because. Seriously, the when Guilford Rail Systems too over, they changed their traffic routing so they left the other lines to rot, or sold them off to power companies. These areas which were pretty busy until the change, now don't have any service at all, and the routes are becoming rail trails and power company roads. One of the areas now kicks themselves hard in the backside because the traffic is so heavy there's gridlock with cars and trucks. If the rails remained in place, the trucks, at least, would be moved off the roads. The rail company went through a lot of great effort to discourage the freight service, then deferred the maintenance and used that as an excuse to close the line.