Raildriver Problem


choo choo twain!
When I launch the driver mode from one of my sessions or routes my raildriver will not activate and will only show RD in the display box. This is only a new problem as it has worked for years for me. Any suggestions?
Did you check your connections in Windows? I'm not familiar with this device specifically, but usually when you plug in a USB device, there is a sound and this should be listed as a game controller under Devices and Printers. If it doesn't show up there then there's either something wrong with your RD, check power if any, and connections, or possibly reinstall the driver.

Sorry I can't help you further with it.
Might want to make sure you also have the files installed. If I recall, there is a controller bat file that is needed. It might have gone MIA or been moved if you are running TRS12 with the latest updates and hot fix's.