Rack locos


Try PaulzTrainz, he has some payware Loco's and other stuff on his website. There was also a thread a couple of weeks ago from him about it so you could try a search.

Hope this helps
There is a downloadable demo rack layout, ABT Scenery, also the rack track and non rack track for the not too hilly sections on the DLS under my KUID.

I do have rack locos available


The ABT is from down under

You may also be interested in NG Mining and Logging based on EBT NG in PA. USA


Also go into Payware forum, I am always there, near the top with new additions EVERY week (unless it snows too heavily here)
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Then why not post in the FREEWARE forum, or state in yoou thread you want FREEWARE

Besides my demo Rack layout is FREEWARE and the ABT Rack Track is FREEWARE
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The only freeware rack & pinion loco I am aware of is kuid:44640:2 - a 3ft6in Fell H class Incline Locomotive by Greg Baker. It used to be available on his site, but a quick check seems to indicate that the site has been reconfigured for TRS2006 only (there are no current downloads available) and the rather nice downloads previously available have been withdrawn.

I have the item and the licence does not preclude me from distributing it to you via email if you so desire - dunno how big the CDP would be (or I could just Zip the directory), 2 1/2 megabytes or so I should imagine.