Questions about MSTS

[qoute] apart from the stop-and-never-start-again fault on the Northeast corridor route[qoute]
The Default one? YUK! Get the NEC V4 from

[Qoute]but I only have the built-in routes[qoute]
If you need help installing new things let me know
I used to have problems with the many routes available for download at, especially those in series such as the GN Hi Line, because since nothing is coordinated without any uniformity, sometimes adding custom content to MSTS is very very messy. I guess we should be contented with our DLS. :D
You gotta love all the people who say how great MSTS2 is going to be. I must have missed out when they were handing out the crystal balls.

As someone who runs trains for a living, I'd have to say that TRS is MUCH more of a SIM that the other one. I've had the other one since it was first released and never really had any use for it. Since I started with TRS, I can't get over how real it is. It is totally amazing.
My copy of MSTS has been shelfware for about 4 years now. I started it up the other day to check some content accuracy, then I got bored after about 5 minutes...

Have to agree with mouse84 on this one.

It's an old hoary subject this I know. I had MTS first then suddenly found Trainz and didn't look back. For the average person or novice you can do something re buiding - with Microsoft you really have to be techy savvy and that is a put-off for the silent majority. The commerical stuff for MTS is fair enough but that's about it. The way you can programme Trainz is great for someone like me who doesn't want a degree in tehcnical wizardry to create layouts. Elsewhere here I have reiterated that my present project which is built on a factual system could never have been attempted on Microsoft and in that is the proof of the the proverbial pudding.

In the end I will have produced a city-wide project that was impossible outside of Trainz as a kind of living testament to a system that was so much part of Glasgow and was the second largest tramway outside of London. It may have zilches that the purists will frown on (my novice probs there!) but it is something I am hoping to get into my Transport Museum in time. On Microsoft? Would never have got off the ground!