Question on making a multiplayer route/session


:confused: I've got a question about uploading a multiplayer map I made. Would I need to upload the Route or have to upload the Sessions one by one in order for it to work properly? And when its successfully uploads and is processed, would I be able to host a multiplayer session or do I need any additional steps?
A big question in general, does multiplayer work still? I'm just planning to play this with 5 friends on a small map for now.

*Please excuse me with all the questions because I haven't played with Trainz 2012 in a while and I forgot all my knowledge on it, and sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place because I've never posted on here before.
-Thanks :p
To start off:

1. For multiplayer to work, all content must be either built-in or on the Download Station, and must not be locally modified (this means that you will have to re-download the content once it's approved).
2. Once you've redownloaded it you will be able to host a session.
3. Multiplayer does work still, although TS12 seems to be a bit stubborn with it lately.