[Question:] How to texture a model?


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I have a "big" problem. I built a Mesh, but I don't know, how to texture this as efficient and "sexy" as possible.
The mesh seems good, but the textures are so boring.
That means:
so realistic textures as possible (foto-pictures) *1)
as few texture files as possible (the best would be one )
as small as possible.
(because the performance)

*1) I don't know how to get it (how to make).
My photos are always ... :(

Some WiP Pictures

The first Coaches are based on an "Liliput" Model:
dummy textures -> / <- the actual state of the compartment coach with brake-house (the vertex are not veld!)

The first coach of second line is based on an "Fleischmann" model and drawings of the Prussian Compartment Coach "AB4 pr 04".

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