Question About Installing Pigs And Stacks

Hello All,

For the past 30 minutes, I have been trying to install the 57' spine cars into CMP from the following website

I also downloaded the 53ft Container Trailer Pack, 53ft Container Trailer Pack 1, and 53ft Container Trailer Pack 2 from the same site which can be found here

However, The 57' spine cars are coming up with missing dependencies every time I try to load them into CMP. My question is as follows. Do I put all the trailers into the CMP first or do I put the 57' spine cars into the CMP first followed by the trailers.

I will ask the same question when it comes to stack trailers and well cars.

Please help me with any info as trailers and stacks are what I mainly run in the sim.

Thanks in advance.

it doesnt matter as long as you put both in.

OK then, I don't understand why the spine cars aren't showing up when I try to create a session with them. When I go to the list to pick the cars I want for my train. The spine cars show up in the list, But I cant put them in the sim for some unknown reason.
they must have something else missing from them. it doesnt matter what order you install dependencies or items, just as long as you fulfill all of the dependency requirements.
they must have something else missing from them. it doesnt matter what order you install dependencies or items, just as long as you fulfill all of the dependency requirements.

I am starting to wonder if I need to install the ALL the trailers including the stacks on the products page.

Anyways, I went to Asset details in CMP and the Kuid is <kuid:334896:100071> I don't know if that means anything or not.
I have socalwb909's units and that kuid doesn't show up anywhere. Not sure what it is.
edit: Are you sure it is 100071. He has a 100017 that is the 20ft LWT trash containers.
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That is what it says, But what I am going to do is download everything on both pages except the box car and install everything and see what takes place after that. I will report back sometime tomorrow if it's working or not. It is almost bedtime for me as its past midnight here already.

While I am on the subject of pigs and stacks. Does anyone know where I can get some Santa Fe and Southern Pacific trailers for pigs and stack trains?

Also, Does anyone know anywhere else that I can get some spine cars?

As for the Kuids. Here is what they say in Asset details

57ft spinecars 3_pack <kuid:334896:100071>
57ft spinecar A <kuid2:334896:200041:2>
57ft spinecar B <kuid2:334896:200042:2>
57ft spinecar C <kuid2:334896:200043:2>
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Eagle --

If you are interested in stacks, my post #3 in this thread might interest you:

It links to this:

and this video (best watched full screen and in HD):

The well cars and containers are from the web site. The downloads are free but registration is required:
  • TTX 53' Husky Stack Weathered
  • Container Pack 1
  • Container Pack 2
When Container Pack 2 is downloaded it will show as "Containers for the Masses".

There are other well cars available on the Download Station and from other external sites, but the JointedRail ones are up there with the best.

I just checked and I didn't have those installed on my SP1 version. Dug them out of my goodies box and imported them with no missing dependencies. You need to make sure you have all his containers and trailers loaded.
The other spinecars I use were made by sporbust , you can find them on the DLS under username n8phu, he has the rights to repair and update sporbust's assets. They carry the builtin 40ft and 48 ft trailers.
This morning, I downloaded the spine cars and trailers from Jointed Rail, So I got the spine cars that I wanted and they installed without any problems. As for the stuff that n8phu has. Does he have the heritage units and the rest of the locomotives available that were done by sporbust. I see them on the DLS, But I want to know if those are sporbust locomotives as that is what I had in my first run at Trainz and I was pleased with them. Now, If I can only find some good Southern Pacific and Santa Fe trailers. I would be all set.
Allthat he has done so far is on the DLS. You can also check his website for more info.
There are 10ft and 45ft Piggyback trailers by adamovic kuid:338228:100037 and :100045 These are at
Davesnow has some really good trailers and Flatcars to run them on, they can be found on the DLS. You can also check a lot of his assets on his long running thread in the Freeware Announcements.
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Those are updated SPORBUST, cnr, etc models.
Excellent models BTW. especially for those who can't afford EVERY single engine that they want from JointedRail. :p