Question about an old classic.


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Hey all, I was just wondering if anybody plays multiplayer on the old classic Tidewater Point Rail. To me it seems that the route has potential for multiplayer, more that enough for 5 players. Does anybody play it?
I'll try and get a session up in a few days, kinda busy today and tomorrow but maybe during the weekend. I'll post here when I got it up.
Tidewater Point Rail

Can one have multiplayer sessions with a route that probably does not yet conform to TS2012 standards? It was built in content in 2004 and 2006, but it's not included in TS2012.
I thank that would be a very good route for multiplying.
Having trains made up to deliver products to the Ind's and a coal train,a crude oil train,a diesel fuel train.Having them setting in one of the yards ready for players to choose then take to get loaded the have them drive to the IND to unload. This would probably take about an hour and that about the time a player will want to play.