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Trainz has been confusing, and I for one could use an online group of buddies to help me, and to help one another with Trainz. I am working with someones DEM of the PRR Mountain Middle Division from Cassandra to Juniata Pa. I could have chosen an easier route to re-create, but I have laid the 4 tracks on most of the route and installed the gradient. It's a whopper of a chore to re-create, and I have added grids of a branch line called the Wopsy RR (era 1897-1906). I am looking for a realistic type track that will have a good frame rate in complex yards, and complex interlockings. Looking forward to all who find similar interests. I have tried to get Chat and I-Portal working, but to no avail, any suggestions on how to get this accomplished ? Any PRR fans out there ?
Try MP-Track Wood. It's a very realistic track, with a low poly count. I use it on all of my routes. You'll find it on the DLS. Kuid:46162:38014. Be sure to check all of the version boxes.

Regards, Joe
PRR Horseshoe Curve

Thanks, I'll check that track out again. So...Does using a high poly count track make the screen choppy in complex yards ? So as with high poly count locomotives and rolling stock ? I am guessing so ? I tried to haul 300 iron ore gennies, with 6 NYC Mohawks on the head end, and two pushing, it was really maxed, and choppy ! My other project is Rockville Bridge/Enola Classification Yard. I have searched, but have found only a few people who have attempted building such routes. I am wondering why no one has created a realistic topographicly correct route of the PRR Middle Division ? The PRR was facinating !
I am a fan of the PRR horseshoe curve division...I got some Prr content in H.O scale in the real world
Tried to re-create the Horseshoe in "N" scale...was gigantic...I also collect Pennsy "HO" stuff. Thinking about joining a HO or N club...this Trainz is really addictive...spend hours on the PC...going blind creating stuff on a PC...but it is SO realistic !