Providence & Worcester RR


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Here are a few pics of my Providence & Worcester RR Layout I have been working on for quite a few years!

Gardner, Massachusetts interchange with Guilford RR

Worcester Enginehouse

A view of the Worcester Enginehouse from across the street at the Company's Headquarters parking lot.

A view from the Company's Operations Center. CSX Autorack train on their mainline.

Valley Falls, Rhode Island P&W Operations Center

Not to bad....Might wanna fix some track but other then that...Looks pretty good....How big is this route???
Where can I get those P&W locomotives, looks like an SD-40, a GP-38, and a GE C-30-7?
P&W on Trainz

Nice :) I was just checking out screenshots when I saw "Providence & Worcester RR" on the subject list and was very pleasantly surprised to see someone is (or was) working on it. To answer the questions asked:

1. P&W route is over 500 miles now with customers in CT, RI and MA.

2. Loco #2006 is probably a reskin of Auran's GP38-2 like I did (except I am just pretending it is a GP38 phase 3):

As for #2205, that is supposed to be a GE U23B but I did not find any suitable locos on Download Central. Maybe he used a low hood GP9? I tried a couple of the Auran GP9's but the mesh has problems or I could not control the color locations when trying to reskin.

If you want a nice Dash 8-40 model for GE Dash 8-40B PW#4001-4004, the ones I saw from SP_OR_BUST look great and he is willing to let people reskin if you ask per his Descriptions on Download Central.
Looks very nice! Keep up the good work. I grew up in Athol, Ma, so it's nice to see you came up to Gardner. :)