Proper way to back up your Route and content ?


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All my TANE folders along with my route in progress over the last decade, along with a lot of downloaded content, along with a lot of my custom made content was backed up on an external hard drive , using the same folder structure as what was on my PC hard drive. The hard drive on my PC died.
No TRAINZ files could be recovered. No problem because I saved all the TANE folders on my back up drive, right ?

On my external hard drive, along with the backed up TANE folders, was my route and back up routes saved as CPD files. When I got the new hard drive, I took all the folders from my external drive and put them on the new hard drive, in the same order they were before.

The route comes up, but all my custom work is gone. All the custom textures, reskins of vegetation, trees, buildings, structures, track, rolling stock, etc etc........everything is missing. I ran the normal database success.
What I am missing ? I'm not understanding what is happening.
Be carefull to see if you are copying all your backup in the correct local folder of the new trainz installation. Probably you have a different local folder name now.