Problems with T:ANE CE v1. already.


Hi everyone,
Am I the only one having problems with the new download?
Quite frankly, I don't know why they bothered to release this version with all its problems.
Why didn't they wait until they got it right, and then release it, at the moment it's a mess.
The graphics are far too bright, and there is no way to adjust them. 99% of everything I've
downloaded is being flagged as faulty. Start a new route and what do you get ~ a baseboard
with trees hanging over one end ~ which I can't delete. (They are a match to CL Tree 8a).
I've given up on this project until they get it right. I've tried to submit a ticket, but I cant,
I'm being told to refer to the forums ~ I don't know why ~ how the hell are you chaps out
there supposed to know what's going on.:(
DickTurpin - as pointed out previously, this is not the final release version. It's a test version so that bugs can be identified and dealt with.

In terms of the faulty assets, this is going to be the case until content creators update their content to meet the new standards, and users download the content updates as they become available.

In terms of the other issues, have you raised a bug report on the beta test site?