Problem with the textures disappearing while I'm working.


I seem to be having a problem with textures disappearing. I pick a texture and lay it down, then move to a new texture and when I start to lay the texture the other texture that I just put down just disappears. It's really bumming me out. I also have a couple places where I have water that will not go down under the ground no matter what I do. Thanks for any help.
Sounds to me like you are reaching the 16 texture limit for the baseboard. once you apply the 17th textures, the least used texture will be replaced. (I have a Jayco Octane 273) ;)
The 16 texture limit only applies to HD Terrain in Surveyor 2.0. The original post gave no indication as to which version of Trainz is being used and, if S20, if HD Terrain was involved.