problem leveling ground


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i have build a route in TS2010. it worked good but at some point, the ground won't level with the track but it stays a bit under-it so the catenary wire is at the midle of the pantpgraph, instead of of the top. it does'nt mater the track's gradient. if i lay the track on the ground, without modify the track's height, the ground and the catenary are ok, if i modify the track's height an try to level the ground afterwards, the ground won't level and the catenary stays down.
I do not know if TANE has the problem, none of the loco's and cars work there and without the Content Creator plus i can do nothing so i avoid it.
Track or road splines standing ~0.2m proud of the ground has been an issue in all versions up to and including TS12. The fault was finally fixed in TANE so conforming the terrain to the track now fits snuggly (except maybe in the case of some very old ultra thin splines).

You can, of course, work through the route and simply drop the spline points by 0.15 - 0.20m as necessary to lower the track so it is flush on the ground. It will take a while on a longer route and you need to ensure the opposite problem of track vanishing in the ground doesn't occur, particularly on steeply graded sections. However it is the best workaround for the issue in the older unsupported versions of the programme.
If the catenary is also a spline one you will have to adjust the spline height. Spline catenary needs to have spline points in the same location as the track splines to match. If you don't set the spline points it will just follow the ground level.