Pre Load rolling stock


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I have been trying to load my consists faster and I am not sure how to do it without adding "loads" manualyl in surveyor. I have had to go through 50 car+ consists to add loads to them. Is there a quicker way to do this?

Thank you!
One way is to use the 'Instant Load Rule' this loads the first item listed in the config of the wagon.
There is also "Instant Load 12' , this loads a random item from the list in the config.
The other way is to send a train to a portal and set it to load empty trains.
Another option if the wagons are all the same, is to open one of the wagons in surveyor and load it with what you want, then up the top of the window on the left is a circle with an icon, Click on this and all the wagons with the same load.