Please update the TCCP interface

Asking please, now that TRS22 has been released, that just a little time is put forth to update the TCCP interface. There are some things like invite past testers, and no one answering the Notifications 'Use this to communicate with N3V' that just don't work. Us, the Content Creators, need a better way to communicate, and not on a public channel, and sorry, Discord is just for something else. The TCCP interface is such a place...
I agree. There are industructions that you can invite past beta testers but there is no button to do it. There are some beta testers I'd invite back since they did a good job.
The communication part and I will be honest N3V lacks this for all of us content creators. N3V will send their message using the notifications section but I don't even bother messaging back as it'll be ignored. Experienced with this. It is dumb that you have to ask your question in a public setting instead of a private setting even if the question has some personal things within.

I said this before and will say it again - N3V needs someone just to man the DLC branch...