Perplexing MP Bug


Multiplayer Guru
So I posted about this about a year ago, but no one seamed to understand what I was getting at. Here's the issue. Player A, me, Will join player B, My other computer, session. Some cars will not show up. Player A will host a session. Player B will join. Player A will see cars that where missing in Player B's game, player B will not.

Note, I have two full copies of Trainz, and two computers. I used Team-viewer to control computer B to get this screen shot.


On both machines, none of the assets show as faulty, missing, having errors, or being locally modified. To top it all off, my second computers install is a 1:1 copy off my instal. Like, I backed up my local folder to it. So i know all the assets should be the same.

I know others have reported this issue, I just wanted to post a screen shot. Maybe some one knows whats going on.